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            Hope all are happy with happy festive season around.Hows was every ones rakhi? Sisters may be flattering with happy gifts from brothers.Today I am here to share mix media project tutorial and with bonus flower tutorial.I am super excited to show you all my project as catchy girl .Thanks deepti for such a wonderful oportunity,So let me show my project.

                                                           Its a altered wooden spoon 

                                                            PICTURE HEAVY POST

 Plain wooden spoon,Gesso,Paint brush,Acyrilic paints,Tooth brush,Water,Golden acyrilic colour ,Black stamping ink,Stamps,Mini spray bottle,Tissues or cloth,Newspaper to avoid mess of colours.

Step 1- Paint whole wooden spoon with gesso .Let it dry.again cover all part of spoon with gesso ..on little wet gesso use strokes of acyriic colours randomly here and there,if gesso at some part is drying then wet it with sprayer.If excess water ison spoon then soak it with tissue or cloth.

Step 2-Now with help of tooth brush mist whole of spoon with different acyrilic colours (I used orange,yellow,red,green) .You will get beautiful spotted texture on whole spoon.

Step3-Now after drying cover whole spoon with golden acyrilic colour with very light layer , just to give golden shiny effect to spoon.

Step 4- Now with help of stencil script some figure with gesso on whole spoon(I used "art is"stencil) and also randomly stamp here and there with choice of your stamps and black ink (I used fruit basket stamp,icecream glass cupstamp, and border stamp)
Step 5- Your wooden spoon is ready to emblish it

Card stock ,Flower punch , Sciccor, Distress ink(optional-I distresed with Ranger mustard seed), Gesso, Paint brush , Mini spray bottle ,Rhinestones.

Step 1-Cut 3 piece of flowers from cardstock .
Step2-Make cut mark to seperate each petal

Step3- Sprinkle water on flower piece and now take tooth brush and squeez petal with thumb and first finger to get beautiful veins on petals .Prepare each flower in same manner.

Step 4-Take 3 flower and press center part of flower with thumb to give shape of flower and then glue them one on each with alternating petals and give shape of flower

Step 5-After drying slightly distress petals of flowers to give natural look(not compulsary)
Step6-Place rhinestone in center,now flower is ready.

Prepared wooden spoon, Pearls, doiley, Paper flowers , Mini rose flower, Gesso, Paper leaves,Pearl string,Stamped sentiment(I took computer generated) , Diecut of your choice(I took spelbinder oval),Ribbon,Some laces,Chip board decorative swirl (I gesso'd it),Net cloth.

Step 1-Take prepared mix media spoon ,attach a doiley to base of spoon , then glue net cloth on it,tie ribbon to hang
Step 2-Attach pearl string on spoon in spiral way to cover spoon from tip to top.
Step 3-Decorate whole spoon with glueing flowers with glue gun,and other emblishments also, place sentiment diecut  and flowers according to your choice
Step 4-After your whole deco is done.Gesso randomly all the flowers on spoon.

Now have a look to my wooden spoon via pictures

                                 Close up of spoon with doiley, net cloth and stamped fruit basket,scripted with gesso.
Close look to stamped image (its icecream cup image)
 Close view of beautiful flowers I taught you all
                                            Close view of mini rose handmade by me
                                               Side view of wooden spoon

                                         Have a look to my complete project

Hope you all liked my creation and tute on it .I am sorry for bad lighting becoz of bad climate ...no bright day and power cut also ban me to click pics easily.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial Megha... Beautiful!!

  2. Its Beautiful Megha ! loved the altered spoon filled with flowery Goodness..Thanks for the tutorial !

  3. It's amazing Megha! Love the colour. Quiet an useful tutorial Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Truly inspirational project Megha-- lemme raid my kitchen for a spoon!!! Especially loved the blooms-- I could never get the wrinkle effect perfectly

    1. thanks doctor,i know you will come with something very innovative from this ,and your every work is always perfect ,so don't say that.love you.

  5. Well presented tutorial Megha. Normal spoon now looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Gorgeous flower, amazing tutorial Megha. Thanks for sharing.


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