Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey Paper#2

Happy Sunday to all you lovely ladies.
This is Tanvi here with the second post in our series HEY PAPER. Today we have a very versatile crafter Deepthi Udapa joining us.

Lets hear it from her -

·         Tell us a little about yourself
Hi there!!! I am Deepthi Udupa. I am an artist, crafter, mom, student, teacher and occasionally singer and baker and many other things J. Currently I am living in Mumbai and studying art from Mysore.  I blog at and have a page on facebook called Vibgyor N More.

·         Tell us something about the kind of work you do.
I am more into drawing and painting than crafts. I do charcoal painting, doodle, drawing, and painting.  I love paper crafts too. Though I have done quilling, paper cutting, card making, and decoupage, I love paper quilling the most in crafts.


·         How and when did you start crafting?
After my high school I started drawing with pencils and the interest in art grew. But it was just a hobby for me till a few years ago when this hobby became a passion.  Earlier I used to blog only about my artwork. Four years ago I accidentally stumbled upon the blog All things Paper and I got hooked on to quilling. Since then I started doing paper crafts.

·         What is your favorite crafting?
Quilling is my favorite in crafting. I love recycling.  And in paintings, watercolors are my favorite medium right now.

·         What is the one skill that you wish to excel in?
I cannot name just one thing in which I want to be good at. I want to be excellent in all the things I do. Life is too short to just concentrate on one thing, so I want to learn and do everything and be good at it too. Currently I am trying to improve my watercolor skills and portrait quilling.

·         Name five things without which your craft space is incomplete?
 Naming just five things is very very difficult ……. Yet if I have to name just a few, it would be my paint supply,  papers,  quilling strips , glue,tools like scissors and …… oh is it already five things!!!?  

·         What inspires you to create a project?
Anything and everything inspires me when it comes to art and craft. The smallest ant to the big buildings, my daughter, everything inspires me.

·         What do you do when you are not creating?
 I like learning new things. So when I am not creating, currently I am learning guitar, classical music and I experiment with baking and occasionally take baking classes.  I am also doing my Bachelors degree in Fine arts currently and so busy with assignments and exams. Next I would like to learn photography.

·         Are there any artists/crafters that you look up to? How do they inspire you?
 Oh!!!!  There are soo many artists and crafters that I admire!!  Yulia for quilling. And when it comes to paintings, there are too many artists to name here. There is too much creativity in soo many artists that each and everyone is an inspiration to 

 Please give a word of advice to our readers?
Do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. Life is very short to have regrets.

Do visit her blog to see more of her work & leave her some love. Thank you so much Deepthi for joining us today. 
We will be back with another crafter soon until then happy crafting & hope you join our current challenge.