Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winners - CSCC#3

Hello friends ! 
Thank you so much for sharing your creations in, 'Create Something Catchy' Challenge #3. We loved the unique interpretations of the inspiration photo. And now it's time to announce the winners!!

One girl stole our hearts with her amazing CAS and 'The Ultimate Creation' goes to you Somdeepa

No gold Somdeepa!! But you sure struck a win here :-)

Congratulations dear girl. Kindly write to to claim a gift voucher of Rs. 500/- and don't forget to grab your badge from the side bar.. :)

And here are our Super picks!! 


Congratulations girls, your cards were amazing. Kindly grab your badge from the side bar. :)

See you soon with a new challenge. Until then take care.


  1. Thank you Team! It was fun doing a masculine card. Congrats Somdeepa! Well deserved win :)

  2. Thanx CSCC team , for appreciating my card. Congrats to all the super picks. And congrats Somdeepa, your card was just too gorgeous!

  3. Thank you everybody! This is such an awesome surprise! Congrats to Sarah, Rahmat and Nandini.

  4. Congratulations Somdeepa, a well deserved win! Bravo!....and the super picks - way to go ladies!

  5. Congrats Somdeepa, Sarah, Rahmat and Nandini :)

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