Monday, May 13, 2013

A Popcorn Card in Just Rs. 9 For The Thrifty Crafter Challenge

Hi everyone, it's Sunehra presenting the Itsy Bitsy inspiration for this month's challenge here at Catchy Challenges. It's quite an interesting challenge as we are required to create something fabulous but restrict the cost to a maximum of Rs. 25. Now I don't know about you but I'm a 'no holds barred' kind of crafter. I just go nuts on embellishments and the like. So this time I found myself really putting on my thinking cap to present something great within the budget. And here is my creation - A Popcorn Card and the cost was just Rs. 9.

My husband and I are big movie fans. With 2 toddlers in the house, we really relish our 'Date Nights' which are usually Saturday evenings when my folks take on the kids and we head out to the movies. My favourite snack is Caramel Popcorn and with that we both settle down to enjoy the flick. So this card is kind of a tribute to my husband and this weekly ritual.

I've used the same principle as a flower pot card except instead of the flowers, it's 'popcorn' which is actually rolled up and crushed up scraps of paper. I added some brown using a marker. And instead of the pot, it's a popcorn tub. I created that striped design myself, using red punch paper as the base and adding strips of white paper on top. I used a rotary cutter to get the scallop edge at the top. I actually referred to a project in the Fast and Fabulous Cardmaking Book at Itsy Bitsy where they explain how to create a flower pot card. It was a massive help and enabled me to quickly create the template and modify it to my requirements. Here's the cover of the book and the page that I referred to. 

When I actually calculated the cost of the card, I was shocked to find it below10 bucks. How cool is that. Here's the break up:

  • Red Punch Paper A4 Sheet - Rs. 3
  • Cream Punch paper Half A4 Sheet - Rs 1.50
  • White Printer Paper (a few strips) - Rs 0.50
  • Cream Card Stock (Quarter 12" by 12" Sheet) - Rs. 3
  • Ribbon - Rs. 1
TOTAL: Rs. 9 only!

How do you like my popcorn card? Would love to hear your views! Leave a comment and let me know and looking forward to seeing your creations for the The Thrifty Crafter Challenge!

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  1. it so beautiful sunehra, Rs 9 is unbelievable

  2. hey Sunehra ! You always come with interesting ideas !I loved this thrifty card and the pop-corns look almost real !

  3. Wow.. Your idea of making popcorn card is fab!!

  4. Wow... This is a great idea. Love the cute cute popcorns...

  5. Wow this is such a fun card ..I love your idea and the beautiful way you have executed it !!