Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catchy Challenges,January Season II


Wow! Wow.. Really amazed by the response for the first challenge and thank you all for showering your love on me.. :D

Now.. It's time for our second challenge!

'Let's Celebrate the Spirit of Freedom'

Now all you have to do is

'Make a Patriotic Card' and show love to our country..

My dad used to sing a song when I was a little girl and whenever I hear that song, my heart feel heavy and something bugs my mind like need to do something for the poor and our nation...

Here's the song!

"This land is your land
This land is my land
From the Himalayas
Down to Cape Comorin
From Bombay City
To Old Calcutta
This land is made for YOU and ME"

I know something is bugging you now... rt??
Yes! that's the spirit!!

Well.. Now I'm so proud to introduce you our Special Guest Designer

"My idea of spending quality time alone is with paper, glue, scissors, some ideas and possibilities are endless like our imagination.  Ever since childhood I have passion for paper craft, I loved being a part of craft classes at school or would spend the entire summer afternoon doing something crafty.  While working as an Assistant Manager for an MNC, I always took out time for my hobby from my busy schedule.  I loved participating in craft activities at office and whenever possible I made use of creativity in my work.  Now as a housewife I'm glad I can devote more time for my passion.  I hope in future as well I continue to learn and experiment with new crafting techniques everyday. "

And here is her inspiration..

So crafty! I love the rawness in her creations.. :)

And here is my inspiration for you!!!

Want to know how I made it.. Please click here.. :)

And now!! We have a very sweet lady sponsoring this month..
And it's none other than Ms. Priya Sivaraj. She has an awesome store 'Color Conceptions Craft Store'.. :)
Do check her blog and store.. :)

Okay!! One lucky winner will receive these sweets.. :D

Wow!! Amazing prize. Thank you so much Priya for your encouragement..

Ok guys! Don't forget to follow the rules (check on the side bar)
Visit again for more inspiration..


  1. Deepti hats off to you for featuring Ayesha.A big hug in fact as she is one talented lady whose amazing talent has been hitherto relatively "uindiscovered" by the craft blogging world!Ayesha has such amazing ideas and I used to joke to her that she must be my twin as often[happened 5 times!!] when I am just pondering on an idea she would post the same project on her blog!!

    1. I'm honored I feel so great i cant express !! being your "creative twin Sis" is the biggest compliment I could ever get .. it means a lot to me .. I was just gonna post the pictures but now i will make sure i write the details too :)

  2. Love both her cards and Ayesha ...still drooling how you made the flag with the ribbon.Do tell how you made the flag in the 2nd project...Tutorial request!!

  3. hey Deeps your card and tag is really amazing i love your little birdie spreading the message of peace ! very creative ..

  4. nice theme deepti nad lovely inspirations by both of you !!

  5. Wow..., love the featured inspirations.... the theme is inspiring, interesting and challenging at the same time.

  6. How cute... Such a wonderful theme Deepti.. hats off.. all the DT cards ar so b'ful.. but I yours is just awesome..

  7. Thank you friends for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. It encourages me a lot. Thanks again.