Thursday, April 9, 2015

CSSC #13 - More inspiration

Hello dear friends!  This is Rahmat here, and welcome back to another brand new challenge for the month of April. So today we have a challenge, our all time favorite one..
1. Create any kind of paper project or DIY project..  it must be a paper craft.
2. You can enter twice
3. You can combine with other challenges
4. Last date 27th April
5. Have Fun
 I chose a circular booklet to do this.
All you need is cut 4 circles, and then fold it in a quarter and cut out a quarter, leaving 1/2" both sides so that you can adhere it properly.
Once all 4 are done, you simply adhere all together, add a ribbon to tie it, it looks a circle one tiesd and be kept on a table or somewhere.
I forgot to click the pictures of the process :(
If anyone wants to know the step by step, leave me a comment, I will do later after I am done moving in to my new home and settling hands and mind are full at the moment  LOL.

And our sponsor THE CRAFT SHOP is sponsoring Rs. 500/- GV to one winner.. 

Hope you like it and got inspired. And now it's your time to Create Something Catchy..
Thank you so much for stopping by and be sure to check our blog regularly for more details and updates. Hope you would join the fun.. Happy Paper Crafting!!!


  1. I loved the idea of circular booklet ! Yours is sweet n simple !