Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CSCC #13 - "Anything goes" - DIY Paper Earring

Dear Friends,

Hope you got more ideas from our fellow DTs on our Challenge theme CSCC#13 - Anything Goes
This is shylaa here today to show you some inspiration on DIY quilled earring

Quilled Earrings are quick and easy to make. To make them waterproof takes a lot of time. But you can create and cherish your friends by creating earring for them. A few quilling strips and some earring findings are all you need to make earrings.

It is a very simple tutorial and does not require a quilling tool.

Supplies you would need
1. Quilling strips - 3mm or 5mm - 10 Nos
2. A sketch pen or OHP marker
3. Glue.
4. Basic jewelry making supplies - O rings and fish hooks
5. Beads, mirror to embellish(optional)

Step 1:

Take a single strip and roll over the sketch pen and glue it as shown below


Step 2:

Pinch at one point in the coil to make a tear drop pattern. Repeat step 1 and make 10 Nos of such tear drops.

Step 3:

Attach each tear drops together to form a flower pattern as shown below.

Step 4:

Connect the fish hooks to flower pattern with O rings and coat it with glue and varnish. 

Embellish the flower as you like - Beads , mirror, tight coil .  

Your quilled earring is ready.

Isn't easy to do. For more details on Quilled earring waterproofing visit Adhiraacreations

Stay tuned for inspirations from our DTs and do any paper crafts & link your project here