Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hey Paper! #1

Hello Lovely Ladies,

This is Poornima. Hope you are enjoying crafting. We at Catchy Challenges always try to bring something innovative, new and catchy for you, whether it be Challenge Theme, T Time or GD posts. So to continue the trend, today I am introducing a new series of posts - "Hey Paper! An Interview" where we will be interviewing a crafter every month. We all want to know something more about the crafters in blogworld - their crafting style, tools they love, technique they like etc etc etc. And in "Hey Paper!" your favourite crafter will be sharing all this and more with us.

Today we are interviewing a well known crafter from our own Indian Craft World. Her crafting style speaks for herself. She is no other than Priya Sondhi from Priya-n-Papers. Let's know something about her.

1. Tell us a little about yourself 
     "I am a full time Software Developer...  I am basically from Punjab but currently in United States on a project... I always had one hobby or the other... In childhood my hobby was to collect postal stamps and coins.. when I started studying computer, it got shifted to web designing and development... I earned few dollars doing freelance web designing too... ;) and now its paper crafts and I don't think it will ever change as I am totally in love with it... !  My greatest strength is my family and friends.. I consider myself luckiest of all as my parents treat me as a friend and my friends like a family...
2. Tell us something about the kind of crafting you do?
Anything with papers. Not just cards, I like to make home d├ęcor and other utilities items as well.  like Mini albums, tri-shutter albums.. Credit card holders, money holders, paper bags, boxes, etc...

3. How and when did you start crafting?
  It's been around 3 yrs that I started making cards... I discovered the world of paper crafting through Martha Stewart Crafts, I was fascinated by the b'ful world of papers, colors, fancy cuts and folds... Slowly I discovered few blogs of Indian crafters like Juhi, Kavitha, Tejal and Spardha. I slowly started my process of learning paper crafts. One fine day I decided to visit Itsy Bitsy craft store.. and that was the beginning of my crafting journey :)

4.   What is your favorite technique? 
     My current favorite technique is heat embossing and water coloring

5. What is the one skill that you wish to excel in?
    I wish to excel in stamping and coloring images

6. Name five things without which your crafting space is incomplete?
a.     Tombow Multi glue
b.     Fiskars Trimmer
c.     MS scoreboard
d.    Pattern Papers
e.     Paper Flowers
f.      Black ink

7.  What inspires you to create a project?
   New techniques in paper crafts, pinterest

8. What do you do when you are not creating/ crafting? 
     Recently, I joined health and dance clubs. So either I am exercising or dancing.. :D I love dancing.. ;)

9.  Are there any artists/ crafters/ designers that you look up to? How do they inspire you
  Every crafter has her own unique style. I love to see new work. New crafter’s keep adding freshness to our lovely hobby

10.  Please give a word of advice to our readers
 Keep busy yourself. Time is precious, don’t waste it. Find your passion and throw your heart and soul in it. It will bring a new meaning to your life.

To inspire you all Priya made a card for the current challenge..Thank you so much, that's really sweet of you.. <3

I hope you like our "Hey Paper Interview" series. We will back next month with a new crafter. Till then keep an eye on this space don't forget to participate in our current challenge.

Till then,
Happy Crafting !!


  1. Hey Priya......its so nice to know a little more about you :-)

    1. Thanks Tanvi.. I am glad you guys selected me for the 1st interview!

  2. Hey Priya,It's nice to know about your passion and personality!

  3. Great idea! :) So nice to know about you Priya. :)

  4. So good to see you priya. . I keep saying long time no see!

  5. Yes..Yes..I liked "Hey Paper Interview" series.Create Catchy challenges always has something new..I loved to read about priya,I am too a fan of her crafting style and look forward to her creations :) Thanks.

  6. Great segment addition, it is always nice to read about a fellow crafter, it helps to connect even more..thank you...I enjoyed the interview!

  7. I have known Priya for a very long time. We did our graduation together. Its always good to read about her. She is a wonderful crafter and an even nicer human being.

    1. Thank you so much indu for your kind words.. :)

  8. Priya...the first thing I notice is --- you have lost weight !!! Looking fabulous and glamorous..I guess the dancing is suiting you!!

    1. Sonia.. I reduced weight and then gained again.. :D But this time I will just shed off.. no more gaining..!

  9. Thanks you so much ladies for giving me a chance to showcase my work !!!

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  11. Nice to know about you Priya...n a lovely card!!

  12. What a lovely interview ! Nice to know about you Priya :)