Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet our new Catchy Girl..

Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying our current Glitterify Challenge. I'm so happy to see so many new crafters taking part in Catchy Challenges. Well..  I'm so excited to share that we have a new addition to our 'Catchy Girls Team'. She is Deepti Malik. I just love her work a lot. Kindly visit her blog Dee's Art Utopia and leave some love.. :)

Now, over to Deepti..

Firstly, I would like to thank Deepti Stephens for giving me this opportunity to be on the Design Team of Catchy Challenges. 
My name is Deepti and I was born in Lucknow, India. I grew up in a small Hindu family with my loving parents and caring elder brother , did my Masters in Science followed by MBA, worked for about 5 years and then moved to Cleveland, USA after marrying Vikas. My husband is a wonderful supporter, admirer and critic of my work. 

As far as my creative side is concerned... I have always had this creative knack and now since I am a home maker and have loads of time, I am exploring and expanding my creativity everyday and in every way ;). I loved sketching and painting from my childhood but paper crafting is a newly acquired passion. All thanks to the wonderful world of blogs which I recently joined from January 2013. My card making style is Clean & Simple (CAS) and what makes me unique... I guess is the fact that I incorporate my own hand drawn elements in my creations. Hope you will enjoy and be inspired by my work :)

Thank you Deepti for this opportunity :)


Here is her gorgeous creation.. :)

Very festive and beautiful..

Thank you so much Deepti for joining our team. Guys! Kindly do take part in the current challenge and have fun :)


  1. WOw ! Congrats Deepti !! So happy to see you on Design team at Catchy Challenges ...

  2. Welcome Deepti.. So happy to have you in our team.. :)

  3. Congrats Deepti! Ofcourse I have been to Deepti's blog so many times, completely smitten by her CAS style. :) So great to see both the talented Deeptis come together :D

  4. Good to know about you Deepti! Very pretty festive card.

  5. Thank you so much for the warm welcome :) look forward to a creative journey at Catchy Challenges :)